Our epic beard tools, built for the needs of every beardsman, no matter the size or the style.
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  • The Beard Brush

    Made from horse hair, this finely bristled beast will keep your mane in order. Use it to get that beard oil brushed through every strand and down to the skin...
    Dhs. 60.00
    Dhs. 30.00
  • The Beard Comb

    The trusted sidekick of every beardsman; perfectly sized for your pocket, so you're always armed and ready.
    Dhs. 30.00
    Dhs. 15.00
  • The Beard Scissors

    Even the most finely kept beard needs the occasional trim here and there. This is the perfect scissors for the job. Its short snout lets you get in and around...
    Dhs. 40.00
    Dhs. 20.00